2 days to go....

2 days to go….

Hola from Colombia!

As I sit here and type this I can hear the rain bouncing of the window but I promise, I’m not in Dublin. The rain I’m pretty sure will be brief and in a few hours time the sun with be blaring and the temperature will be back in the twenties.

The trip to Colombia was long but pretty painless, for me it involved a flight from Palma to Barcelona, Barcelona to Bogota then a short hop to Cali. It was fairly routine getting to Bogota but as we boarded the next plane to Cali I was sure that we’d have no bikes. The plane itself could be compared to Bus Eireann’s finest, basic, up to the job but very little storage room. If I was sitting I would have fell of my chair - standing in Cali waiting for are bikes and one by one they all appeared, amazing and awesome! The same couldn't be said for the other half of the team who travelled via a different airline, they're are still waiting on their bikes. The aussie team have been here 5 or so days and they are still looking for luggage!! With only really 2 training days left I’m hoping the bikes appear soon!


Hopefully I’ll say something later on in the week but I can’t promise anything. I’ll either to busy racing or just be busy being lazy!



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