That was interesting.

That was interesting. 

First thing I will say is that I am an awful spectator. I’ve spent the last few days in London to find out whether or not I had to start the second World cup of the year and I spent a lot of time on the other side of the fence, I hated every minute of it. The whole week was crap, I was with the team and moving in their circle but when it came to doing any cycling I was just a person in the way, a bollard, an object screwing up the natural flow of the pit area where the teams were getting ready. As you can guess I didn't like it!

The view from where I was.

In the end I was told, in a round about way that starting the race was my best option. Even the the race doctor signed me off saying I was unfit to race. In the cut throat world we live in I had to start the race to make sure I ticked all the boxes of the criteria. The criteria that someone somewhere thought was the best one. I’m going to bite my lip now because if I elaborate anymore I'm almost guaranteed to stick my foot in my mouth and say something I shouldn't say.

As I finish up typing this I’m Mallorca bound. I’m heading there to finally start training again. This last month has been a pain in the back side and hopefully soon enough I’ll get a clear run at it, hopefully!

Also, I’ve set up a Facebook page recently with the aim of letting people know what I’m doing. I find that people forget what myself and the Irish track team are doing until we pop up and win a medal. I have to say, I’m hungry for some new silverware:)

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