Hey guys and gals,

Breaking radio silence again! It takes a lot of mental effort for me to do this for some reason, no idea why. I actually love doing it once I get started; giving a little insight into what I do feels kinda good. As I sit and type this I have about 5 hours until I’m racing which I’m looking forward to. It’s the points race qualifier and its 80 laps (I think!) and the best 12 riders get through to the finals at 9pm. Hopefully I’m not one of the unlucky 4 who get shafted!

The last few days have been…..different! Instead of focusing on all the small things I’ve been trying to shift a cold I picked up last week. It started as a sore throat and within a few days it sounded like my voice box was right between my eyes, buried in my head!! I can breathe through my nose now which is a bonus.

Last week I spent some time in Mallorca going through the same routine I’ve been using for the last few years. Honestly, I’m not where I want to be fitness wise but then again I did break my hip this year! Not an excuse but its funny the little roller coaster I’ve been on this year. At the time I was worrying about career ending stuff but now I just worry about the usual stuff and the injury is almost a distance memory. I say almost, I still get the gangster limp every now and then. That’s just laziness though.

Enough of the history, the future is where it’s happening! I gonna hop on the rollers for a bit, get some lunch then head to the track. I’ll keep you posted at some point, depending on how wrecked I am.





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