Hey, I  thought it was about time to break radio silence and say hello.

The last time I was chatting to ya’s I had just qualified a spot for London 2012! I promised to do a blog on the worlds but now that’s a distant memory and that ain’t gonna happen….oops!  Since then, I’ve done the Tour of Korea which was a shock to the system.  I really got my eyes opened at how unfit I was past the three hour mark.  Any hill I hit, my legs were empty – absolutely no power. That’s what you get for being a fat trackieJ  The only good thing was that I came out of it injury and accident free and got around the race in one piece.  Can’t say the same for David who took a pretty serious spill and made mince of his thumb.  Hope you’re on the mend dude.

DMC's podium in Korea.

Just back in Ireland from Korea and after an 8 hour turn around, I left for Mallorca. I’ve have been here for the last two weeks trying to find my road legs and pull my finger out of my ass. Honestly, I found motivation really hard and for the first week I wasn’t fit to walk up stairs! I’m thinking being in Melbourne, Korea and Spain in 4 weeks is not so good for the body.

When I eventually felt the need to train I kept it simple for the first few days just getting 4 hours plus in the saddle. Thankfully, the sunshine made it that wee bit easier.  The bonus this time was that I had Grace (my little book worm) to come home to after training….. who had lovely hot dinners on the table….. isn’t that right Grace…..wink wink!  Seriously though, it was good to have a buddy to keep me sane over here.  When I did pry her away from her studying we could do normal stuff like cycle for coffees and bocadillas.  We went for dinner with Jennie, Brandon and the Turkish guys which I wouldn’t normally do on my own so that was nice.

Coffee spin!

Next stop is Ireland and the Ras!! I’m pretty sure the weather ain’t gonna be as good as it is here in Mallorca, I'm smart me:)  I got some funny looks when I went into the local bike and asked for waterproof gloves and overshoes!!  
Hopefully I am in decent form next week and can help the team perform well on Irish roads.

Now to pack up two bikes, two suitcases and 20kgs of books that Grace dragged along with her!! Fun!



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