Remember me!

Hey folks, this is really just me checking in.  I would say I have been preoccupied over the last few weeks but honestly it's plain laziness!

The last time I said something I was in the training groove but right now I'm far from it.  I had a quick pit stop in Dublin were I got home to see my best buddy but I was soon on the road again. I'm the best part of half a day ahead of anyone reading this and as you tuck into your lunch I'm heading to bed.
I'm smack bang in the middle of Melbourne and it's my first time this far around the globe.
Next on the agenda is the World Championships!  Those famous stripes are up for grabs and I'm gonna give it's my best shot to get my hands on them.

I've had a couple of days on track and I'm starting to feel human again.  I promise I'll be a bit more of an active blogger over the next week or so.

Next up - sleep, I hope!



  1. Good Racing at the Worlds Martyn.. Best wishes and positive thoughts


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