Back in the groove.

Hey folks, me again!

I’ve nothing really exciting to tell you other that I’m training away and more motivated than ever.  I’m the guts of 1 week here now and thankfully Andy has taken it reasonably easy on me.  Problem is, next week is gonna hurt!

The work this week has been pretty similar to the last camp but just less of it so far.  Personally I think I’m starting at a higher point though.  Normally my first day on track is pretty horrible and my pedalling resembles some old guy trying to do the moonwalk, rough!  This time though I felt supple enough and fast, for me that is!  It’s not every day you walk into the track and see outside, kinda.  There were bridges, windmills and rocks everywhere.  There was to be some motorbike trials on at the weekend and they were setting up all sorts of obstacles.

The Velodrome infield.

My numbers on the road were solid enough to with my 3 hour average being up around 280watts and my watt bike numbers were also solid, it’s always nice to see 1600 watts!
Today rounded out this weeks training and I did 3hr 30mins. I went on some new roads which I like to every now and then.  The sun was splitting the trees and I think I’m making good inroads on getting rid of my pasty white legs!  For those that know Mallorca I climbed over the ‘Orient’ then over ‘Col de Soller’ and after that I went through Diea then Valldemossa and looped back to Alaro.  Happy enough to get that spin in my legs and soaked up some quality Vitamin D.

I know I moan a bit but there is no better place to be training, Col de Soller.

As I’m typing this up I’m slipping into vegetation mode and I’m looking forward to doing very little tomorrow.  There’s always a bit of bike tinkering I can do whether it needs it or not!




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