Last world cup, 1 step closer

Hola mi amigos!

After another productive stretch in "sunny" Mallorca I'm back on the road.

When I say sunny Mallorca I thinking - I wish! The last few weeks in Alaro have been freezing and with a couple of inches of snow last weekend I had to keep reminding myself that I was in Mallorca. Apparently it's been 50 years since the island had weather like that. I have to say though, Alaro looks pretty nice covered in snow. The loom of the next interval session and being scared of getting sick made sure I resisted all temptation to let little Marty out and go playing in the snow!!

My training has been good over the last couple of weeks and my numbers are telling me all the right things. This phase has been good in terms of doing what I need to do. There has been more time to train compared to the last few races where I been racing, resting and racing in a round about way.

I did have a camera man with me for the last part of camp! I can't say that every day!  Pat's his name. Pat is working on a documentary following a couple of athlete on there journey to London. I can't really see how exciting my part of the story is gonna be but maybe I'll give people an insight into what I do. Maybe the critics will appreciate the sacrifices that I and many other athletes make. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying "poor me," I chose to do this, it's a challenge, I like it. I've chosen to put certain parts of my life on hold in the pursuit of something better that I could never achieve by sitting back and letting life pass me by. Hopefully I don't come across as to much of a wally in the programme and I can honestly say I was just me.

I'll let ya's know what the track is like and I'll try to get some photos for ya,

Chat soon,



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