" I like "

Well, I'm in Kazakhstan and in Astana.  First impression was 'what the!!' Snow and sub zero temperatures greeted us at the airport.  I felt like I had landed on some other planet.  From the sunshine of Mallorca to the overcast and freezing Kazakstan.  I suppose the good thing is that it will get me used to it for when I head home.

After hopping a few time zones it was 12am here and all things considered I felt okay.  First thing on the cards was getting into the country!  With my globe trotting lately I never had a chance to get a visa and the plan was to get one when we arrive.  Thankfully that worked out well and was painless to do, paperwork, money, done!

First problem!  The plane I was one had the whole Australian team and from what I could see the whole French team,  that's a lot of luggage!   As it turned out we lost 2 boxes and the french lost 6,  1 of the 2 being my bikes.  There is nothing really we can do so we followed the crowd and headed for the bus, that took us to the track then on towards the hotel.

At this point I want to go to bed so I sat down, let the drama of checking in unfold then when I got my key, headed straight to my room with only 1 question asked, when's breakfast!



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