All go again.

With the odd reoccurring moments of heart palpitations and flash backs I'm doing my best to start with a clean slate.  Well, not a completely clean slate, I still have all the good points on it!  There's also the faint trace of the drama in Astana to fuel the fire.

I've just arrived in Mallorca for another block of training.  The plan is that this will bring me up to the second world cup in the best form possible. World cup number 2 is in Cali, Colombia and one I'm looking forward to and it's far from the -20 degrees of Kazakhstan.

The last few days I've been in Ireland and they went by super quick but I was delighted to get the chance to annoy Grace and tie up some loose ends. We went out for a meal in what I would call "the usual place" but as I think about I ain't around long enough to do that. The blue bar in skerries is awesome and it's guaranteed a visit from Grace and myself anytime I'm about. The food was class as usual and we had what I've coined 'maximus tapas,'  a lot of dishes and not small ones at that!

Next time I'll be home will be in 4 weeks but you'll hear from me before then as I've plenty to be doing.

Anybody want some extra Christmas shopping to do:)



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