Worst trip in a while!

Delta airlines won’t thank me for saying this but they suck and I won’t be in any hurry to fly with them again.

Thanks to Colorado Springs being pretty small there aren’t too many flights out of it so my day started early.  Not that I knew it at the time but this long day was gonna be very long!  I was up at 3am but to be honest I really didn’t go to bed, maybe an hour of sleep was had.  Everything went pretty smooth, check in was grand, breakfast was nice and the flight was on time.  I touched down in Atlanta at 11.30 and then my progress stopped!  My flight to Dublin was a 21.40, a whole 10 hours to do………something!  The concourse I was in wasn’t the biggest I’ve been in, there was a handful of shops and a food mall.  I did venture to the next terminal for a while and I’m pretty sure at 6 hours in there was more coffee and sugar in my veins than blood!

Finally it arrived, time for boarding.  Everything looked good, all on time and half the plane had boarded then they dropped the bombshell.  There’s something wrong with one of the engines so we are delaying the flight by 30mins, then 50mins then after 1hr 30mins we were boarding again, not so bad I hear you say!  After an hour or so getting everyone on board I settled into my seat and was ready to go, 20mins or so later we were off down the runway.  After a couple of minute the Captin barked into life, said hello and gave us the bad news.  The problem with the engine is still there and we’re going back to the terminal, my heart sank!  There first few words out of my month I’ll not repeat.  So off we got and more waiting was on the cards.  For all the hassle Delta gave us a whole 6 dollars for ‘refreshments’ and from what I seen in the terminal, 6 dollars aren’t buying much!  I did get a burrito which was awesome, maybe the day was taking its toll on me but that burrito was the best!

Another 1hr 30mins later I was back in the same seat on a different plane and ready to go.  Yet again we waited to get everybody on board then for the doors to close.  It just seemed to be the more I wanted to get the hell out of Atlanta the more crap turned up to hold me up.  There was another 25min delay to get the catering trollies on board and FINALLY,  I say FINALLY we were on the move and this time for good.

There’s not much else to say really. The flight itself was normal, getting of it was normal and Grace met me at arrivals which was brilliant!  I have 2 days at home hanging around with Grace as much as I can then I’ll be back on the road, Majorca bound.


These guys made Atlanta airport bearable;
Sad, I know!!


  1. Haha, Mel and I had one of their Burritos last year while sitting in that same airport - tasty is right!


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