A whole 7 days!

I'm typing this from my cramped seat on yet another plane. It's been a whole 7 days since I last folded myself into one but honestly I'm not complaining!

The last week has been pretty cool. Although I have been hobbling around and doing more than my fair share of moaning I have had Grace for company, it was SO good to have her around! I only did about 10hrs training this week so I had loads of time to hang around with her, show her around what parts I know of Majorca and just being together. I mean no offence to the Turkish guys-they're pretty cool but general conversation is hard! My Turkish isn't a patch on there English though, I think I know 6 words!

The side affects of my little crash wasn't to bad considering the thump I hit the track. One thing that really annoyed me and got worse as the week went on was my ribs, anything other than shallow breathing hurts like hell!  I did get on track once this week for a sprint season and I'm pretty sure that it didn't help my ribs but it felt good to do it and my legs felt great afterwards.

Saturday was my last full day on the Island and Andy organised a dinner for us all in the house I am staying in.  Andy and Sarah brought food as well as Sophia ( a Mexican girl he coaches.)  She had her father over and including Grace, myself, Mutlu and Recep there was 8 of us.  Dinner was really nice and it was good to chat to everyone in a low stress environment. 

Next stop for me is Manchester where I'll stay the night. From there I head to Frankfurt and finishing up in Astana. Kazakhstan is a first for me and I'm guessing it's a first for a lot of people that are heading there for the world cup. I hear the weather is on the wrong side of freezing which will be interesting considering I've been spending my time in and around 20degrees lately.

My eyeballs are closing on me here so I'm gonna shut up talking, say goodbye and I'll keep ya's posted at some point.



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