Pre Europeans.

Hola!  Just saying hello and keeping ya's up to date on the life of me! 

Training, training, eating, sleeping and then some more training. As Andy says 'nobody trains harder than us' ..... I'm starting to believe him! This has been the theme of my last week or so in Majorca.  It's all steady enough with a few longer easier spins and a lot of hard training on the track. Andy also wanted some numbers i.e. pure torture! The first hard day was a testing day which I was looking forward to in a sick sort of way. Numbers are always good to get.  They tell you if what you are doing is right or tell you to pull your finger out! The testing itself was done on a hill close to the house which was handy for afterwards when seeing straight it tricky........ there wasn't too far to crawl.  During and then afterwards I was really happy with numbers.  My peak power is on the right side of 1500watts, 1min max is over 800 watts and my 20mins is over 410w which is a good jump up from what I was doing last year.

At the velodrome things are also looking good. I'm not breaking any records but I'm starting twice as strong as I was this time last year.  I'm still not as smooth as I would like but the times are there or there abouts and as the season progresses the results will come, I know it.
The environment I'm in really helps too.  The Turkish guys i'm sharing with are committed to training and they are chasing similar goals to me. Andy is Mr. Motivator and I'm glad he's on my side. In the long run this can only be good for me. If I was doing it on my own, I can guarantee that my fitness wouldn't be half as good.

Today I was chasing the motor bike at 60k an hour and then sprinting every 10 laps. I am absolutely binned!!!! But that's a good thing, I think. So that's me on the wind down at the minute as the Europeans are fast approaching. The next week or so is gonna be full of necessary evils, package, traveling and unpacking!!
Anyway, I'm still living the dream and chasing medals. I'll keep ya's posted as and when I can,


Ahmet and Recep in sunny Majorca.

Palma Arena and the 'punisher' aka 'the finisher' always ready to go!


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