One way ticket to Majorca.

Like it says above, I’m in Majorca and I’m not exactly sure when I’m leaving.  I know I’ll be taking a trip to Holland and Kazakhstan but that’s the limit of my knowledge.

I've had 2 days training out here and the place I’m staying is cool. It’s a big house in a nice little village, proper Majorca.  Training has been going good, I didn’t lose too much of my track speed during the year but I’m still rusty for sure.  My road fitness is pretty good too, my numbers have made a nice little jump which is what 3 week living at 6000 feet will do for ya!

It’s still a new environment and everything is a bit awkward but with time I should settle in.

I’ll keep ya posted on anything new but training is what I’m here to do!

Chat soon,



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