Red or White!

Red or white!!

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s red or white!  I’m in Colorado Springs and although the weather for them is getting bad it’s still enough to cook me.  As with every cyclist whether they admit it or not, they want a tan.  I really just don’t want to be milk bottle white.

In my first week here I went out without any sun screen on what most people would call a cloudy day.  I come home after 4 hours and I was a nice shade of red and spent the next 3 or 4 days covering up in the sun shine! 

I started using this stuff which I’ve always used anytime I go anywhere with sun.  It’s awesome stuff for exercise because it doesn’t sweat off.  The only problem is that it’s too good, put it on and you won’t get a hint of Sun and not use it and be prepared to start slapping on the aftersun!

Therefore I came to the conclusion, Red or White!



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