Quality training in Colorado

Since I last chatted to ya I’ve pretty much done nothing other than training, eating and sleeping.  The training has been on the road for the majority but I’ve got onto the track a couple of times this week.
The usual roads I’ve been using are up through Manitou Springs out towards Woodland parks.  It’s a good road and it’s the quickest road to get to high altitude.  After Manitou Springs to road goes up for a solid 20 minutes and let’s just say I got to know it quite well but I’m not bored of it yet.  I did venture out east on Wednesday in search of flatter roads but I’m in no hurry to get back out that direction!

This is the map from my training on Wednesday,  pretty funny but hard on the head after a couple of hours.

The track this week was interesting too.  The sessions were short and sweet as they were more max power orientated.  The first time I did these was on Tuesday and they were painful.  The efforts themselves were maybe 50sec long but when I finished each one it took me another minute to catch my breath and I’m not kidding.  For the first 20secs or so after the effort I’m talking proper panic breathing!!  Scary stuff.

After another block of threshold work today I have a steady 4-5 hour spin tomorrow then it’s a rest day and by the way I feel right now it’s well overdue.

I’ve another week here to clock up some more good training so hopefully it all goes to plan.

I’ll keep ya’s posted if anything exciting happens,


Oh yeah, this thing really quench my thirst today, awesome!!


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