Colorado Springs

Thought it was about time I said something!

I've been in Colorado Springs for over a week now am I’m pretty settled in by this point.  I’ll be honest and say that I went threw a rough patch over the last week and was constantly asking myself, ‘what the hell am I doing’ and ‘why!’  I soon snapped out of it though and with the help of Grace steering my head in the right direction I’m training away.

For the first week I had a bit of company with 3 other people Andy is coaching.  They are pretty much on the same script as me as they will be doing the World Cups this year.  With these guys showing me the way around Colorado Springs for the first few days I soon found my own way around.  Some parts of this place are pretty cool looking but I don’t see much of it.  Most of the spins I do are spent watching my power metre!  I did get a few photo though.

Here’s the track that’s in the town,

Here’s ‘the garden of the gods.’  Straight out of the movies!

The rest of the group left a few days ago and I've now got reacquainted with my head phones.  Training is what I came here to do and that's what I'm doing.  Being in Colorado Springs there is another element to make training a wee bit harder, the altitude.  The apartment I'm staying in is at 1800 metres and any hill you go up you soon run low on oxygen.  For the first week the altitude didn't seem to bother me, maybe restless sleep but not when training.  This week though I'm doing a bit of gasping and I can definitely feel the lack of air.

A couple of hours into one of my spins, air's pretty thin up here!  That's altitude on the bottom right, in metres!

Today I feel slightly tired so after a steady enough 3 hour spin earlier on I plan to sit on my ass for the rest of the day and that pretty much lead me to do this!

I'll keep you posted if anything exciting happens or if you want to know anything just send me a message.




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