World Championships start here.

Sorry I've been quiet the last few days folks but I've been busy running around!

The last time I was talking to ya I was in Majorca but now I'm in Holland.  The bulk of yesterday was spent travelling, I left the hotel in Arenal, Majorca at about 8.30am and didn't get into the hotel in Beekbergen, Holland until 6pm.  I have to say it was one of the least painful trips I've done, there was no hassle at the airport on either sides and basically it was plain sailing. 

Once settle into the hotel room I unpacked my bike and got an easy 20 minutes on the rollers done.  It wasn't a long spin but it's really worth doing as my legs felt a hell of a lot better afterwards.  Once washed up I got some dinner into me, got some treatment from Karen then caught up on some emails.  After I Skyped Grace to see how she was doing and let her know I got here in one piece, I was off to bed!

This morning was nice and relaxed, there was no rush to get breakfast or to get a roller session done.  As long as I was ready to head to the track as 12.45pm.  Brian gave us a lift to the track and that was the first time I'd seen how serious the Dutch were taking these World championships.  There are posters everywhere, bikes on lamp post and giant bikes on the roundabouts, it's pretty cool.

The track session was nothing out of the ordinary with the usual track warmup, 2 jumps, a pursuit effort and a flying lap effort. I have to say I felt pretty average and my legs were dull if that makes sense.  After the session was over I got back to the hotel as quick as possible, got a massage then I chilled out for a couple of hours until dinner.  Dinner was short and sweet as the team had to go back to the velodrome for a opening ceremony at 7pm.  It was the last thing I wanted to be doing but it wasn't to bad.  All the teams did a couple of laps of the track and were annouced to the crowd, it's something cool as none of the over events I've been to have done this. Oh yeah, I got to meet Eddy Merckx aswell!! Brief, but I still met him.

I'm pretty tired now so I'm off to chill out!



  1. remember passing that giant bike on our last trip Belgium-Holland-Germany-Belgium...would never see smth like that in Ireland :)


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