Second split day done!

At the minute all I can say is OUCH!

I'm literally just in the door and boy am I glad.  The training really took it's toll today, to the point where getting out of my seat was hard!

After the spin earlier on I had a quick turn around then headed off for the track.  The spin down took about 30 min or so and it was pretty nice, the sun was shining and I was in no rush.  I soon got smacked into reality though and the track was as hard as ever.  The warm up was the same 50 lap as yesterday but the efforts were short and not so sweet.  2 half lap jumps, 2 flying laps then a standing 500 metres.  Before you think "that's not a lot" I would ask you to try it then see what you think.  To add a bit more pain Andy had us do a circuit of core work and I was well and truely finished!

I''ll leave ya with that little ramble while I'm off to get washed and feed.

Talk soon,



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