The penultimate track session!

Today was an easy enough track session but to be honest I'm not fit for much else. The session started at 1.30pm and it is the only training of the day. After a casual morning it was time to say adios to my training buddy for the last 5-6 months. Felix spent last night packing up his stuff and was heading to the airport at the same time I was heading for the track. I think he left in 2 minds, half of him couldn't wait to get home to the things he knows best and the other half of him really wanted to go to the worlds, that's life though and he'll come across a lot more situations like that. The session today was a total of 50 minutes (i think), 20 odd mins warm up and a 25-30mins on a bigger gear, all of which was spent hammered up the back of a motorbike. Anybody who's spent 30mins at high cadence chasing a motorbike on the track can relate to the involuntary yell I let out of myself when I finally got off the saddle, OUCH!!

I'm sitting in my room at the mo watching Moto GP and waiting for dinner time to roll around. The only other thing left to do tonight is to get a head start and pack up some of my track stuff. I'll not be needing the pursuit bike for the last session so in the box it goes!

Take care of yourselves and i'll let ya know how tomorrow's session goes.

My arsenal of Dolans!



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