Non eventful St Paddy's day for me.

Well folks, I hope you've had/having a good St paddy's day and I guessing alcohol was involved at some point of the day if not all of it!

There is nothing to report from my end and i think I've exhausted the internet explorer on my computer by refreshing it WAY to many times. I'm not complaining about having to much time on my hands today because my body is pretty fried. If i kept training hard today I'm sure I would have made myself sick, I was feeling overly tired and had a sore throat. With a handful of vitamins and some aspirin I'm pretty sure the easy day today will get me back on track.

Tonight is more of the same with nothing on the cards. I'm back on track tomorrow afternoon so hopefully i'll feel a bit more alive than yesterday.

Have a Guinness for me!



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