No more easy days left!!!!!!

Well folks, I've just done my last track session before it all kicks off for me. 

I was on track this morning for one last practice for the flying lap.  I did a new warm up which really made me feel more alive during the effort and that's a first for me.  During my warm up I did have a bit of entertainment, there was a Team Ireland staff competition, max watts!!  I pretty sure Brian is top dog in that one at the minute so he's delighted.

The pressure's on!

After having a good chuckle and finishing my warm up I got suited and booted for a flying lap  practice.  It was more of a lead up I was practising more than the effort itself, the track is more of an circle than an oval which is different to all of the other tracks in the World cup series.  The effort went pretty well although I did get held up during the effort but the lead in was good and I felt good too.  With that done Ken put on a smaller gear for me then I headed up for 20mins or so to play with the traffic on the track.  When I got off the track I cooled down, changed my clothes and got out of there.

This will be my home from home on Friday and Saturday.

I'm pretty happy with my Dolan's setup, feels fast!

My plan for the rest of the day involves resting, eating, rollering, resting, eating and sleeping and I'm not kidding.

I'll try to keep ya's posted the best I can over the next few days but no promises.





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