My last track session in Majorca!

It only dawned on me today that it was my last track session in Majorca. At the minute I couldn't care less but I know looking back I'll miss to quality training I got done here. All that is left to do is an hour easy tomorrow then the shuffle begins.

I'm typing this in a hotel room full of all sorts of track stuff. At the minute it's half packed and my plan is to get up early in the morning, do my spin then get everything packed up with time to relax. This is the point that I almost hate, i'm packing not to go home but unpack and rebuild everything knowing that i've got to do it all over again!

The session itself today was similar to yesterday by being 2 motor paced sessions. Both efforts were slightly faster than yesterday but I felt a lot looser on the bike, I was able to spin easier than yesterday. The gear I was riding was 51x15 and the effort finished up in and around 14sec laps. Anyone who knows gear will tell ya thats a pretty high cadence to be holding. It also takes its toll on your backside, yet again, OUCH!

Like I said earlier tomorrow will involve, cycling and packing and no doubt eating. I can't see much else happening to be honest.

I'll let ya know how it goes.


Oh yeah, GO ON IRELAND!!!


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