Last track event of the season.

Well folks, it's that time again and it's time to get even faster for the worlds :-)

The last week or so has been spent pissing people off, meeting people, catching up with people and trying to un-piss off the people I originally pissed off!!

As I type this I'm cooling down on the turbo and the only thing left to do is pack up all my stuff ready for the flight tomorrow.  As usual it's alot of stuff, 3 bikes, tools, helmets and spares.  There is a bit of Houdini involved but somehow it will all fit into 2 boxes and scrape past Ryanair's baggage allowance......hopefully!

Like I said at the start this week has involved a bit of running around but hopefully I didn't forget anybody.  The thing I was most happy with is that I managed to clock up alot of Zone 3 work on the trainer, time management at it's best!  Wednesday evening was worth the trip, I headed to S.I.N.I for a meet and greet with Lord Coe, the Olympic Chairman.  I have to say I enjoyed meeting the man and he was really interested in track cycling which is always good. He did throw a few questions at me that kept me on my toes!

 Chit chat.

The next few days I tied up most things outside of cycling and so I started piling up anything cycling related so when the packing begins I know where it's at.  At this point its the longest cool down I've ever done as the thought of packing hangs over me like a big shadow, I don't really know why, it's not like I haven't done it before.!

This is where I'll suck it up and get off this bike.  Take care of yourselves and i'll fill ya's in with all the gossip over the next few days.



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