At this point in the camp the bulk of the work is done.  In the last 7 days Felix and myself have done just shy of 22 hours on the road.  That's excluding the track sessions!  I've just remembered why my legs hurt:)

Today was a bit of a pain because of the weather.  First thing I did when I got up this morning was to have a look outside, it was soaking.  I headed down and spent breakfast pondering whether or not to head out, the plan was 4 hours steady.  I didn't really want to head out for a spin and get a soaking then get sick or even worse crash and break something.  The roads in Majorca are famous for being really slippery when they are wet and the fact that I seen 3 or 4 guys in the restaurant tonight bandage up kinda confirm that.  I ended up with 3 hours steady with a descent average of 268watts and  managed to dodge most of the bad weather.

I'm just in the room now chilling out and trying to do as little as possible hoping my body will do some form of recovering.  Tomorrow is a split day so that's 2 hours in the morning and a track session in the evening, I can't wait!

Talk to ya soon,



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