Another good day in the bank.

Not much to say about today really.  The plan was to meet up with Andy's mate Ken and he'd take us to the local group ride, that's exactly what we did.  The group ride was a bit nuts, there was 60 or so guys hammering out the road and through small towns, it was a accident waiting to happen. Thankfully though it never did.  I was riding pretty hard for 2 hours with the group and when they stopped for a coffee Felix and myself carried on.  Although I felt crap in the morning I came round a bit in the afternoon and was in the mood to keep pushing on the pedals.  I ended the day with over 4 hours at over 260 watts average and it felt good to get it done.

Now I'm feed and watered I'm just chilling out and will hit the light pretty soon.  It's more of the same tomorrow with another 4 hours planned but by the way my body feels it won't be anywhere near 260 watts average.

Talk to ya's then,



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