Wednesday's fun!

Sorry about the late blog folks, I was actually to tired to do it.

Yesterday all the training caught up with me and the nice trck session Andy had planned literally finished me off!  I did 2 hours 30mins at about 260watts then headed straight to the track for the session.  After a quick sandwich (which I regreted eating) I did the track warmup and felt less than average.  The session was mainly sprint work and flying lap practice but there was a standing kilo towards the end.  The kilo always finishes me of and when I had that done I thought I was finished, no such luck, Andy's 'Bonus session' was next.  I had a whole 3-4 minutes to recover from my kilo and Andy had me up with Sarah, she was doing a standing kilo and I had to sit on her and carry on and do another 2k!  I really did think I was going to see that sandwich again! I crawlled home as slow as possible and hung about the hotel room for the rest of the evenning.

That's a rough blog on what I did yesterday but now I have to go and get ready for today's pain!

Talk soon,



  1. Great to hear all the updates - really interesting & keep 'em up!


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