Quick update!

Hey folks, I'm typing this up in a holiday inn in Manchester and firstly I must say Happy Valentine's day to Grace, I'm not much of one but I promise I'll make it up to you soon. 

Today started bright and early at 6.20am with a quick breakfast then straight to the airport to get a jump on the other teams. There was 2 other teams on the same plane and that's a lot of big bike boxes on a small plane. 

With the usual airport drama done then a flight that didn't take to long we were in the airport in Manchester praying our bikes would turn up. To our amazement all our bikes and luggage arrived and by the looks of it so did the other teams.  Before we new it we were packed in a van and on our way to the track to drop of the bikes then on to the hotel. 

For some reason a 2 hour flight from Palma to Manchester took nearly 12 hours door to door and by the time I was in the hotel I was starved. Once fed and watered the rest of my evening was spent unpacking my badly packed case and starting my vegetation process. 

Sorry for the rushed blog but you should get the idea. 

Talk soon and hopefully with a bit more info. 



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