Not much to say really!

After giving my legs and my body alot of abuse over the last couple of days today was a rest day.  I was going to do an easy spin but when I rode down to the cafe I thought I'd benefit from a complete day off.  I caught up on some washing which was slowly building in the corner of the room and I also got to the nearest bike shop to replace the leg warmers that I ripped to bits the other day. 

That is pretty much my day in a nutshell, I did discover a surprisingly yummy cereal that I ended up eating before the day was out!!  I'm also pretty sure that the hotel staff are sick of seeing me, I've asked everyone of them for ice about 10 times!!

Comfort food......yummy!!  By the way, that's road rash on my face not food!!

I've spent as much time doing this as I have cycling!

Tomorrow is back to work with a couple of hours on the road and finishing of with a track session, pursuit efforts, wish me luck!

Talk to ya's then,



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