Not a good day in Majorca!

Today started out grand, my plan was 3hrs steady on the road then finish up with an hour on the track, simple, no!  Not much is simple for me or I always seem to add that unexpected element.

About 2 hours into today's spin I was crusing down a hill, glass cranking and what looked like a nice easy corner with a nice surface wasn't, it tighted up and the ground was a smooth concrete type surface I ended up parking my face on it!!

I was doing about 40kph and in a blink of an eye I was grinding along the ground on my face.  I can honestly say if I wasn't wearing a helmet and glasses I would probably be missing an eyebrow and basically a good chunk of my face.  With a nice bit of drama to start the day I dusted myself off and carried on for another hour which was uncomfortable as my palms were and still are cut to bits.  The spin finished up at the track where I got some funny looks and generally sympathetic comments which makes a change.

At the track I got my bike ready and had 30mins or so to clean my wounds and make myself look less beat up.  The session itself was simple enough, 20 minutes warmup, a couple of sprints, a couple of flying laps and finished up with a flying kilo.  Simple enough but it would have been a hell of a lot easier if I didn't have a throbbing head ache and blood oozing out of my hands!!

Anyway, after a long day and a nice big dinner I'm lying in my room with ice on my knee's and face and I'm doing this blog.  The rest of my evening will consist of mainly TLC, i've lost count of the different grazes I have so I'm of to do some DIY doctoring!!

Talk to ya soon,



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