The night before.

Hey folks,

It's the night before the race and all the hanging around is coming to an end.  I've spent most of this week recoverying from the training camp in Majorca and to be honest I'm tired from doing nothing. 

Today I was on track for a last minute sharpener, after a descent warmup I did a flying lap and a flying 2k in race gears.  The times looked promising but with all the circulating air from other teams you really do get a false sense of effort.  With the track session done for the day I cooled down and got back to the hotel as quick as I could.

For the rest of the day I have no exciting stories to tell ya.  A light roller session and dinner was the majority of the evening gone and that's where I am now, typing up a very boring blog! 

I'm of to pack up my stuff, shave my legs and get ready for the action tomorrow.  I'm up at 6.45am for breakfast then I'll have a 12 hour shift at the track, wish me luck!

My view from the pits.


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