New bunch bike today.

Here's my new rig. It's a Dolan DF3 with a 59cm top tube, sounds big but it ain't.

Today session was later on so it's pretty late in the day when i'm typing this.  I got to the track well early to setup the new bike.  Andy had most of the hard work by fitting the cranks and chain and all I had to do was fit the seatpost, saddle, bars and stem.  Once on it and everything setup roughly right I had a ride around on it and it felt good straight away.  The extra 3cm really opened up my chest and it just felt more comfortable.  Nothing like settling in to a new bike easily with Andy, I was straight onto the track for a 20min warmup and I'm sure my leg speed was 170+rpm for the last 20 laps.  With the warmup done and the bike feeling great I was up for some pain, a tolerence session, 1 lap full gas and 1 lap off, I'm not sure how many I did but it was enough to make me feel sick.  With a good rest and a fiddle with my bike it was time for the last effort, a 70 lap points race against Felix, Sarah and Andy on the bike, motorbike!  It really did feel like a race as I had dry mouth at the start and that stomach wrenching, cross eyed pain at the finish.

With the training done for the day it was just a matter of packing up the mess and getting back to the hotel before it was to dark.  Once back at the hotel it was the same old routine of wash, eat and bed.

Tomorrow is the day that all the packing has to be done so it's highly unlikely there will be anything exciting to talk about.

Talk soon, about something.



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