Majorca bound.

It's 11pm tonight and I've just arrived in the hotel. The travel started this afternoon at 12.30pm which is pretty cool, it's been known to start at 4am but I think those days are gone. The flight out of Dublin left at 2.45pm and everything went to plan, checked in ok, got through security ok and had a coffee with no stress, well, there was the usual 'hopefully I see my bike again' stress but that's out of my control at this point.

As I sat on the plane I couldn't believe how wrecked I felt, I think it was the grey miserable looking weather that made it feel later than it was, next stop was Madrid.  With that flight out of the way I had a couple of hours to burn and airports being airports the was nothing to do but hang around, eat and shop. With a bit of everything done the flight wasn't to long coming around and the next and final destination was Palma.

In Palma everything went to plan, all the bags and bikes arrived with not to many dents. With all the luggage we headed for our van, packed up and got to the hotel as quick as possible. Even doing that it was still pretty late in the day.

Now I'm in the room I gonna build my bike and hit the hay. Tomorrow's plan is a steady 3 hour spin.

I'll keep ya's posted,



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