Today started out good, nice breakfast and the weather outside was sunny, a bit chilly but nice.  Everything went south 10mins after I started the spin, both my knees went nuts.  The pain wasn't crazy but just enough to be really annoying.  I made the decision to not do the planned 5hrs and head back to the hotel, not a good feeling.  Back at the hotel I iced my knees, took some anti-inflammatories and broke the news to Andy.  I decided to go to the track session that was available in the afternoon, I didn't want the whole day to be a waste.

At approx 12.30pm I headed of to the track, it's takes about 30mins to get to the there from the hotel.  When I got there Andy quizzed me on what state I was in and we decided to play it by ear.  Figure this out, in the warmup I didn't even feel my knee pain!  Seeing the body was ok I was up for a bit of tolerance work which involves going flat out for 6 laps and resting for about 10 laps times 3.  It's a pretty nasty session but it feels good to get it done.  I did that session twice then headed for the nearest pharmacy to get some painkillers.

I'm sitting in the hotel room now and my head is all over the place, I'm not where I want it to be at the minute and the fact that my knees are playing up out doesn't help me.  I'm heading down for dinner soon so i'll leave ya with a photo of my track bike after today's session, I think I need to lose some weight!!



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