Back to training today.

Like the title says I was back to training today and it started on a bit of a bad note.  The plan was 2 hours on the road then finish the ride at the track and do a track session. 

On the road out this morning my knee was at me again,  I had a sick feeling in my stomach but I tried to be positive and think it would soon go away.  I kept cycling and sat at 250-260 watts and my knee pain went away!  At first I thought I was imagining it but really it was gone.  It seemed to go away when I focused on pedalling smoothly so I'll stick to what works.  After the spin I went to the track where there was some pursuit efforts planned and they really hurt when you are doing them on the back of a road spin.  There was no records broken on track but it's all good hard work in the legs.

When the track session was finished Andy told me to go and see the physio which he had organized.  She looked at me, poked and prodded me at came to the conclusion that my ITB was tight and that it was pulling my kneecap over.  I've had this problem before but I seemed to forget all about the fix and spent my time worrying about the problem.  Hopefully doing some work with the foam roller and stretching will see me right again soon.

While I've been typing this I've had the tour of Qatar on in the background.  In 5th place on today's stage was a German called Roger Kluge.  The only reason this name is familiar to me is that I've beaten him on numerous occasions as he ride the Omnium like me.  It's weird but pretty encouraging to see that I'm not that far of when it comes to max power etc.

Anyway, i'll stop waffling and rap this up.  Tomorrow is more of the same and hopefully my knees are like new ones.

Talk then,



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