Another quality days training!

Well! After saying that I was tired yesterday I was talking crap! When I woke up this morning and peeled myself of the bed I thought I couldn't be much worse, turns out I can.

With a carbo overload breakfast I was kinda looking forward to getting out the road and seeing what state I was in, Felix wasn't. The poor fella is what I called 'gimped' One look at him and you'd know what I mean, he's still going alright though.

The road spin itself was good but the first hour I spent nursing my knee.  I think I'm getting on top of it but it can be pretty painful which is worrying. The knee came good though and I got a descent 3 hour spin with a 260 watt average. I was looking at Mark Renshaw's power file and he averaged 258 watts for the second stage of the Tour of Qatar, no to shabby!

The road spin finished at the velodrome which means the track training hurts alot but you get a really good training effect and it's something that you would never do on you own.  The track session itself was short and simple.  A 20 minute warm up, flying 4k and a points race simulation effort with the motorbike for company.  It doesn't sound like much but at this point in the camp it is hard to do.

After the track session I had another bit of physio which Andy organised for me.  I really think it's helping my knee and the worse thing is it's stuff I know from my past injuries.  When SINI helped me out last year they told me all the same things but I got lazy and never kept on top of the exercises and basic stretching.  When the physio was done I creeped back to the hotel, got washed, got fed and now i'm typing this and planning to chill out for the rest of the evening.

Day off tomorrow so i'll probably be pretty quiet then, check in again though, i might have some scandal.

Talk soon,



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