Nearly that time again.

Well folks, it's Sunday and it's time to start packing up and get ready for another 3 weeks on the road.

This week was more of a recovery week but I've kept my legs turning over and I even managed a couple of trips to the gym, thanks to Ken at the Irish sports institute for pulling some strings. 

Thankfully I'm a lazy ass and was in no rush to get to the gym on Friday as I had some visitors.  I was hanging around the house watching some golf and looking for some motivation to get myself out the door then the door bell rang, 2 anti doping officers!  10 minutes later and I would have missed them and that's not really something you want to happen, there can be some stiff consequences if ya do.  Trying to be as friendly as possible I invited them in and from that point on all eyes were on me, if I scratched my backside they'd want to know what I was doing.  It's hard to be nice to a man who asks you to pull up you sleeves, pull you trousers down round your ankles and piss in a cup, please!!  With that being the highlight of my friday I signed my papers, got them on their way and pretty much followed them out the door, gym bound.

Saturday and sunday for me was yet more easy spins and trying to stay health really.  I've really enjoyed this week, Grace and myself just doing anything together and spending time together which is a rare thing at this point in the season.  Unfortunately I'm off on Tuesday again but at the same time I'm looking forward to it as this is when all the hard work is done and I can go to Manchester ready to race.

I'll keep you all posted on how my training goes and no doubt there will be pain and suffering in the next few blogs!!

Talk soon,



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