First Day of Competition

Hey people, I’m typing this well past my bedtime, its 11.30pm and I might as well be wired to a plug socket.  I think the 4 gels, 6 energy drinks, 3 bags of jelly sweets and 2 gallons of water might have something to do with it.

I woke up this morning with no nerves but was really apprehensive about the race.  I was terrified that I wouldn’t even make it into the Omnium; every competitor has to ride a short points race qualifier before they are even official at the world cup!! There is not much you can gain but you can lose a lot and waste a lot of time and money.  I went into the 60 lap race with bad images of the last outing I had in the Cali world cup.  My plan was not to go for the early points and gamble on getting a lap later in the race.  It turns out to be a gamble and I never got my lap.  With 25 laps to go I had no points and no lap and was suffering like hell.  I managed to sneak off the front and win the penultimate sprint and was second in the last one.  I qualified 5th in the race and was looking forward to the flying lap in just under 2hrs.

There is not much to say about the flying lap as its one lap as fast as you can go.  I did close to my PB I think and finished 6th, I was happy with that.  This is where it all goes wrong, next up was the points race.  I was bricking it and I would put money on it hurting a lot.  I’ll skim over the details as there is nothing good to talk about.  I finished 21st and it was a disaster. I found myself doing work I wasn’t fit for and it ranks as one of the hardest races I’ve done.  With no moral left I had an hour to try and get my head together and try to break the back of this elimination race. It’s a race I’ve come to dread.  My race went better but still nothing worth shouting about, 16th place and a slightly better race tactic.  I really started to get the hang of it but started to suffer then the tactics went out the door.

That, combined with three hours total on the rollers is a summary of what happened today. Please forgive the grammar but I think you’ll get the gist of how it went. 

Hopefully I’ll have better news for you tomorrow so I’m off to try and sleep.



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