The day before D-Day!

Well what to say, not much if I'm really honest.  Today started with breakfast at a reasonable hour of 9am.  I could have went down sooner as I had the worst night sleep I've had this trip and was awake most of  the night.  After breakfast I had an easy morning then a light session on the rollers before lunch.  Lunch was the same as the day before that and the day before that but at least it tasted ok. 
With lunch digested I set of for the track at about 3pm.  It's some buzz cutting through the traffic of Beijing and it's way to cold to be hanging around in it, door to door as quick as possible.  The track session was a light one as I'm racing tomorrow.  A 20-30mins track warmup was followed by a short sprint, 6 laps at pursuit pace and a standing start effort.  When that was done it was a matter of getting wrapped up and getting back to the hotel.  After a quick wash and answering a few emails it was time for dinner.  Guess what, dinner was the same as yesterday and the day before that, you get the idea!  I keep reminding myself that i'm in China and food that I recognise and tastes ok is a bonus.
Tomorrow is when it all kicks of so wish me luck and i'll try and keep you posted the best I can.


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