On 3 days of hard training left........starting tomorrow!

It's that time of the evening where there is nothing left to do.

After a light breakfast and a light lunch I was on track at 1pm.  Seeing I was still on the edge of coming down with something the plan was 30mins behind the motorbike and that was it.  I had put on a new stem on my bike which dropped my position by 2cm and this was the perfect session to ride around adjusting to it.  Bar the stuffy nose I felt pretty good and the position felt brilliant.  I am a good bit lower but much more comfortable.  With that session done it was just a matter of tidying up and heading back to the digs ASAP.

After a lazy afternoon with the highlight being a coffee the only thing left to do was head down to the track centre for dinner.  Dinner was the norm but the trip back was very windy.  Its at times like this I love riding the track, no wind and no rain.

That's me for the evening so adios!



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