Much the same today.

As the title says today (Sunday) was much the same as yesterday.  I got up at the same time, I had a quick sauna at the same time and had lunch at the same time. 

At the the track the training was similar but I did a couple of flying laps just for practice.  The 250m track really is different to the 200m of Aigle, the straights must be 3 times the length.

When the training session was done yet again it was similar to yesterday, back to the hotel for a massage, dinner then struggle to stay up until 10pm.  The only different thing that happened was that our mechanic Brian turned up!  Believe it or not he started his travels at the same day as us.  His bus broke down on the way to the airport, he was put on standby on the flight from Madrid, spent the night in Bogota when he got there and after alot of hassle he arrived in Cali with us.  What took us 24hrs of travelling took Brian 4 days!!!

Anyway, i'll keep you's posted on any other news,



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