More training in the bank.

This was what the roads were like this morning! Think of these roads, with more snow and in the dark! Thats what I rode back in, nuts but fun!


After racing last night my legs were stiff enough but it was more of the same training today.  I had a bit of a lie in but nothing worth get excitied about.  Track time started at 12noon and it was a sprint work out.  Like i've said before its something which i've grown to like.  The session itself started with a motorbike warmup and then it was straight to business.  My legs felt great and i'm going as fast as every which can't be bad.  With that session over it was time to get tidyed up and head to lunch. 

The session after lunch was changed from a zone 3 workout to a gym workout.  I'd told Andy that I felt a bit sick and he thought it best not to push it.  The gym session itself wasn't to easy but it's nowhere near as hard on the lunges as a z3 session would have been.

I've just arrived back at the digs after and pretty exciting journey back from the track.  There was another inch or so of snow since we got there this morning.  It was pitch back and I literally couldn't steer the bike, it was good fun though.

I'm signing of now and hopefully i'm going to stop this cold getting any worse.

See ya!


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