Last day in Aigle.

What can I say but honestly i'm delighted to be leaving this place.  Training facilities are first class and the living accomadation does the job but when you can't speak the lingo it gets a bit lonely.

Today I was on track at 11am and I was the only one up.  The last few days have been a bit frustrating but i'm pretty sure i'm on the mend now.  The session for me today was a motorbike warmup, a flying 2k and a flying kilo just to see what state i'm in.  Thankfully I can say i'm back upto speed and although i didn't sneak under the minute for the kilo I was consistent.  With the session done I had a quick lunch and then started packing up the bikes, this either goes easily or I struggle to fit everything in.  Luckily though the packing was painless enough and with that done I got the bus back to the digs.

The rest of my day will envolve washing and packing my clothes and hopefully a trip to the cafe.

This is probably my last blog until I get to Colombia so I'll say adios and i'll say gracias in a couple of days.



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