The hardest easy day I've had in awhile!

After getting (not so politely) told to leave the breakfast table I headed up to the room to throw my stuff in a bag, track bound!  On the way to the track there was a heap of snow but the roads were safe enough to cycle on, thats something the swiss seem to do pretty well, cope with the snow.  At the track I found out that the easy session wasn't exactly easy.  The session itself was 30mins behind the motorbike and a couple of sprint type efforts, these were sore.  As short as they looked they were far from easy.  Sprinting against the motorbike and you know who's gonna win!  After a not so easy easy spin I did the now routine, heading of to lunch.

Lunch finished and I was back down to track side and just chilled out for a bit, next up was a roller session, easy this time!  There's nothing exciting to say about the rollers, pretty boring though.  With the training for the day done it was back to the digs for a bit of rest.  On the way back I could only think "what the hell am I doing."  It hadn't stopped snowing since I arrived at the track this morning and here I was cycling back in it, madness.  I eventually arrived at the hostel, bike caked in snow and soaked through but I was delighted, it was 2pm and I had nothing else to do for the rest of the day.

The rest of my evening has been spent watching my laptop and flicking around the internet.  I'm back at it tomorrow so hopefully i'll have some news then,

See ya!!


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