First official training day.

The first official track training time was today (Monday) and it was really empty.  Previous sessions like that could have had 60 or so riders of all shapes and sizes going at different speeds and although it can be fun it can also be a matter of survival.  The only thing on the plan today was a track warmup then a standing 2k.  With the now customary warmup that I HATE and the 2k effort the session was short and sweet.  The warmup was uncomfortable as usual and the 2k effort was good with descent pace.  The track was really blustery and with the front disc it was hard to keep a good rhythm and line,  I still think its worth riding the disc though.

As I type this it is Tuesday morning and the only thing on the cards today is a roller session.  I have 4 hours until then so I'm of to drink a gallon of coffee and i'll keep ya's posted.




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