First day back in Cali.

Here's where all the action will happen.

My first morning here wasn't to bad, I did wake up at 4am, 5am and then finally 7am.  Breakfast was good with some familar looking food to be eaten and it hit the spot.  After breakfast there was a couple of hours to burn so with the go ahead from Andy I spent 10mins in the sauna.  It really helped clear out my lungs which haven't been right since Switzerland.

1 o'clock arrived quickly and it was time to head to the track.  luckily enough are bikes were at the there already so it was just a matter of cracking open the boxes and building the bikes.  At this point building up the bikes is pretty routine and doesn't take much time.  With that done it was time to get changed and get onto the track asap for a 30min warmup.  The track was similar to last year, it's blustery and there is a bump halfway through the second banking.  With time riding on it you get used to that it seems to run pretty fast.  After the warmup I did a flying 6 lap effort and a standing 1 lap effort and that was it.  Being the first day cycling since the travelling I felt like I was pedaling squares, it was hard to pedal at a high cadence but I know I'll feel better tomorrow.

When the session was finished there was no hanging around, I was off the bike and away in 10mins which is no bad thing.  With a painless enough trip back to the hotel I walked up the road to the next hotel where Andy had organised a massage for me.  I'm not  person who gets massages alot but all I can say is WOW, its the best I've had in awhile if ever!!  Thanks Doug!  After the massage I flopped my way back to my hotel for a wash and dinner.  I felt so loose after the rub, i was fit for bed already.  Dinner was good though and with a couple of jugs of coffee into me I headed back to the room and struggled to stay awake until 10pm.  When 10pm arrived I went out like a light!

The only bad thing about being away on these trips and having time to hang around is that you get time to think.  Thinking for me is bad, I start to miss home,  I miss hanging around with Grace and just being a normal person if that makes sense.  I guess normal for me these days is travelling and living out of a suitcase.  I'll keep at it and keep telling myself it's all for a reason and when it pays off it will be worth it.  

Talk soon,



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