Feeling a bit better.

Today things were slightly better for me,  I'm still coughing up crap but i'm pretty sure its on the way out. 

Training today started with a motorbike warmup at 11am.  I wasn't sure what to expect but at the same time I felt useless not being able to train.  20mins behind the motor and a few jumps later I geared up for some flying lap practice.  The gear wasn't quite as big as race gear but at this point in the training camp thats probably a good thing.  After my flying laps my chest was letting me know that it wasn't 100% and Andy told me to cool down and that was it.  I spent the next 20mins cooling down and watching Felix and Sarah training hard.  Half of me was gutted to be missing out on some quality training but the other half was glad, it looked painful!

On the plan tomorrow is some standing efforts, hopefully i'll be able to do them and be feeling a lot better.  I'll let ya know either way.


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