A day I hope to forget!

I'm gonna keep it short and sweet.  Today I felt like crap, I was a shadow of myself last week and like I said, its a day I hope to forget.  

This morning was the same old routine of getting breakfast, getting ready and heading down to the track.  The fact that it was blowing a gale and pissing rain didn't make me look forward to it anymore. 

At the track I was layered up like an onion so getting changed for the training took forever.  Changed and ready to go it was time for the warmup which was as painful as ever.  The first effort of the day was a flying 3k effort which I was looking forward to.  As I started the effort things weren't just right, I wasn't getting a lot of feedback from my body.  Things went from weird to painful and to make it worse I was creeping.  After the slowest and most painful 3k i've done in awhile Andy pretty much told me to pack it up and rest up.

Today has really got to my head, yesterday I was looking for to 3 hard days of training and now i'm just hoping I can train at anytime this week.

I'm of to try and find a miracle.



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