Cali world cup!

4k pursuit, 4min 28sec and a 4th place.

Where it all happpened, more crowd though!

It's all over!  Nearly 4 weeks on the road and it's all over.  Cali world cup was one I was looking forward to.  Last year I came here with the team pursuit and I  really enjoyed it.  There is a nice atmosphere and I think the fact that the track is open has something to do with it.

My second omnium started of good by winning my qualifying heat and a 7th place in the flying lap but from there on the first day turned to shit.  The points race was a disaster, I suffered the whole race and I made myself look like a fred!  I think I finished it 16th but didn't bother to check it.  Next up and last event of the day was the elimination which I was terrified off,  turned out there was good reason.  I was kicked out 3rd or 4th but to make it worse I was relegated to last place for not stopped when I should off.  Honestly the last thing I was doing was looking around me.  After a firm bollocking by Andy I went back to the hotel and contemplated my future!  I soon snapped out of it though and focused on doing a good pursuit the next day.

Day 2 and I had a nice lie on as the racing didn't start until after lunch.  Today my main focus was doing a good pursuit and nothing else.  With a good warm up and a good psych up I was in the start gate and ready to go, i'd upped the gear from the europeans in hoping that I wouldn't die off as much.  It kind of worked, I set a PB and finished 4th in the event, happy enough.  The scratch race was next up and after my last couple of bunch races I wasn't exactly jumping for joy at the thought of it.  I raced a better race but still didn't do much better, 15th.  At this point thinking back on the race there is still a bit of luck involved by getting in the right move, next time though.  3rd and final event of the day and of the omnium was the 1k TT.  It's an event I like but was just ok at.  With another good warm up and psych up I was in the start gate and busting to go, my face and fingers were tingling with anticipation.  My start was perfect and being on a bigger gear than usual I was surprised at how quick I got it up to speed.  1min 3secs and 3rd place in the event, delighted! Another PB aswell, by nearly 2 seconds.

All said and done I'm pretty happy, there is still a few what if's floating around my head but that's what the next time is for.

Talk soon,



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