Another time zone. Cali, Colombia

See that cardboard box with the black tape on it,  That's me bikes!!!!!!!!!!!

At this point I've just had my first breakfast in Colombia and I'm not feeling to bad.....yet.

It all start on Friday morning where I had to catch a train out of Aigle at 5.03am.  The alarm was set for 4.15am and with a quick shuffle the room was cleared out,  I inhaled some sort of breakfast and Felix and myself headed down to the train.  The train from Aigle to Geneva airport take about 1hr 30mins and it pretty much drops you of in the terminal.  A van with all the bikes went ahead of us and by the time we arrived all the bikes were sitting close to the check-in desk.  With a reasonable stress free check-in done it was time to work my way through the shops, security and head for the gate.

 The flight plan for our trip was Geneva-Madrid,  Madrid-Bogota,  Bogota-Cali.  I'm not going to fill you in on all the details because there isn't anything to exciting to talk about.  The first flight went well, the long haul was ok and the last flight went by pretty quick.  The only real story from all the flights was 4 of the teams bikes didn't arrive but they reassured us that they will arrive tonight at some point.  As you can tell from the photo above my bikes have arrived but have yet to open the box, wish me luck on that one!!

I'm gonna take it easy this morning then later on in the evening I hope to get on the track and open up my legs, I have a feeling that is gonna hurt.

I'll keep ya posted!



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