Another day of training and some racing!

It was another bright and snowy start to the day and I was up just before 8am to get some breakfast into me.

I was on track at 10am so there wasn't to much time to hang around. By the time I had my washing sorted out, stuff packed up I was of to the track.  The session planned for today was sprints in the morning and some racing in the evening. 

I was sitting track side all ready to go and Andy tells us that we aren't doing the sprints, we're doing flying 3k's!!  Not something I look forward to but I love getting them doing if that makes sense.  Seeing we were racing in the evening we only had 2 efforts but that is more than enough if you give 100% which I always do.  The first effort hurt like hell but I finished as hard as I started which is a good sign.  With a 15 minute break I was back up on track for my second and last effort and my legs weren't saying good things!  My plan was to go for 2k 110% then hang on for the last kilo.  By the end of the 3k I was pretty happy, I did my fastest 2k of the week in the middle of the effort and 5 laps were exactly the same splits!  With that done it was up to lunch and then straight back to the digs for as much rest as possible before the racing tonight.

Racing started at 7.30ish so Felix and myself left at about 5.15pm to get to the track for 6pm.  The track opened up at 6pm so we had a warmup planned at that time.  During the warmup I got a chance to see who was racing and what they looked like.  First person I seen that i knew was Michael Morgan, he was world scratch champion last year, not to shabby!  Aswell as Morgan there was about 10 AG2R fellas riding about the place, we were slightlly out numbered.

First racing of the evening was a Flying 400m which is something I'm not to good at.....yet!  If you add another kilo onto it I would do fairly well.  Turned out I was pipped into second by the quick firing Felix.  Next up was the scratch race and under orders to make it as hard as possible thats what I did.  From the gun Felix pushed the pace and I was first to attack.  The whole race was only 30 laps but I must have been off the front for 28 of them, in the end I finshed 3rd and was happy enough with a good work out.  I had a small rest before the 80 lap points race which I seem to be good at these day and yet again I was looking forward to getting it in the legs.  I was really aggresive as usual and my main oppostion was Morgan, he pipped me in the first sprint I went for but I just kept attacking the race and I won 3 of the next sprints.  Towards the end of the race I was leading and Morgan was second but I had the upper hand, he was following me and by the looks of him, just about.  With 10 to go I just gave it everything, dropping Morgan and lapping the field, I had won the race and won the overall for the evening, happy days, some pocket money!!

After the racing it was just a matter of packing up and gettting back to the digs as quick as possible, it must have been after 12 before I got to sleep.

I'm of for some more training now so i'll let ya know how that goes later,

See ya!


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